I cannot remember them all, but we have attended LOTS of dance workshops with teachers from all over the world, and have learnt from Frankie Manning, Julie Oram, Simon Selmon, Gary & Sara Boon, Rob (Van Haaren) & Dianne, Kevin St Laurent (First with Carla, later with Jo), Marcus & Barbl, Steve & Heidi, James & Bridget, Mike & Mel, Joseph Sewell, Mel & Jo Calanglang, Trisha Sewell, Alan Axon (All Ruzzit Buzzit), Marc & Hoc, Paul & Debbie, Paul & Fae, Nicky & Jim, Surrey Jive, Francis & Andy, Dai & Sharon, Ryan & Jenny and last, but also first for Alistair, Dancin Dave.


We detail the lessons in writing, so you build up your own dance portfolio. Especially helpful in 2years time when you cannot remember how all the moves go!



We taught Annie Othen at BBC Coventry. Although an ex-professional dancer, she had never before learnt Charleston.


We managed to get almost all the audience to join in, these pupils were from Tile Hill School.